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When I dip you dip we dip

Are you tired of being called ”the boring one” out of the group? Want to seem cool in any situation? Ever heard of the song ”Da Dip” by Freak Nasty? (All of “the fun ones” have!) Take the words to the song and make them topical; it’s sure to make you a hit amongst your peers!
Need some help getting started? (Of course you do—you’re boring!) Here are some examples:
"When I trip you trip we trip." -sing it to someone you’re about to go on vacation with
"When I Pip you Pip we Pip." -sing it to your English class while reading Great Expectations
"When I flip you flip we flip" -sing it to your cheerleading squad
"When I nip you nip we nip" -sing it when hanging you’re hanging out with Jack Frost
"When I sip you sip we sip" -sing it to someone you’re sharing a milkshake with 
"When I whip you whip we whip" -say it when you’re watching Family Guy
"When I Crip you Crip we Crip" -sing it at your gang meetings